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SOLD - Vintage Treasure Craft Christmas Pixie Vases

These kitschy vintage elf vases are just too cute! Made by Treasure Craft between 1947 - 1956, these little red sprites or pixies are each perched atop a bright green tree trunk, ready to hold sprigs of greenery or flowers. They also make great candlesticks (though the candlesticks don't fit snug, they look beautiful)! Perfect for making your holiday decor extra fun!

➝ In fantastic condition! No cracks or scratches. One small repair on the tip of one of the pixie's feet -- it appears to have a small chip that's been filled in with red -- not noticeable unless you really look closely.

Each vase measures:
➝ 5.75 inches tall
➝ 5.5 inches wide
➝ 3 inches deep

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