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SOLD - Mid Century Seth Thomas Rotating Flip Number Alarm Clock

SOLD - Mid Century Seth Thomas Rotating Flip Number Alarm Clock

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This sleek vintage black and faux wood rotating flip number alarm clock by Seth Thomas is so retro and gorgeous. Made in 1973, this was officially called the 'Speed Read Lighted Dial Alarm'. One simple snooze button on top, two dials on the front set the time and alarm time, and a toggle switch on the front turns the alarm on or off. Not only do the numbers slowly rotate on tumblers, they are lit by a faint orange light for easy nighttime viewing - and there is a small dial to the right of the time that slowly rotates, showing passing seconds. Overall, a fabulous and functional mid century clock - I just love those rotating numbers!

Sticker on bottom reads:
cat #822
Name: Speed Read Relax-Lite Alarm
Model: 0822-000
Use on A.C. Only 125 Volts 69 Hz 5 Watts
Seth Thomas

➝ In wonderful condition! Keeps accurate time, and alarm works, too. Clock makes a bit of a groaning noise at times due to one of the internal tumblers. Overall, a stunning and hard to find vintage clock!

➝ 6 7/8 inches wide
➝ 3 1/8 inches tall
➝ 3 1/8 inches deep
➝ cord measures about 38 inches long


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