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SOLD - Mid Century Modern Wood & Brass Plant Wall Hanging

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This gorgeous mid century modern wood and brass plant wall hanging is full of boho charm! Three wooden pots or vases with a great geometric triangle pattern carved into them each hold a few sprigs of gorgeous golden brass leaves. Leaves have a beautiful patina and variation in color, giving them an almost iridescent glow from certain angles. Two sturdy crossed 'branches' on the back made it easy to hang up on your wall. A unique and beautiful piece, this beautiful sculpture is perfect for any plant-lover - even those without a green thumb!

➝ In fantastic condition! No chips, cracks, or scratches. Brass leaves have a rich and varied patina, which only adds to their beauty. Wood is rich and warm with no scratches or cracks. Overall, a truly beautiful piece!

➝ 18 inches tall
➝ 12.5 inches wide
➝ 2.5 inches deep

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