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SOLD - Mid Century Brass Seagulls Wall Decor

This gorgeous set of three vintage brass birds is ready to swoop in and perch upon your wall! With a beautiful golden patina, these seagulls are simply charming. Little metal lopps on the back of each piece make it easy to hang these birdies on your wall with the greatest of ease. The perfect way to add a bit of mid century charm to your wall and home!

➝ In great condition! No chips, cracks or major scratches. Minor wear to surface of each bird, as well as variations in patina. Overall, just gorgeous!

➝ large - 14.25 inches long, 6 inches tall
➝ medium - 10.75 inches long, 4 inches tall
➝ small - 9.25 inches long, 3.75 inches tall

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