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Vintage Yellow Bird Wall Pocket

This sweet vintage bird wall pocket so bright and beautiful! With a bright mustard yellow base, green hand-painted leaves and a yellow swallow swooping across the front, this little wall pocket is absolutely delightful. A flat base and a hole in the back means you can pop this cutie up on your wall or set it on your tabletop. Perfect for holding plants, flowers, odds and ends, kitchen tools, or whatever you can dream up - this pocket is so cute, it's sure to make you smile no matter what you use it for!

➝ In fantastic condition! No chips, cracks, scratches, or repairs. Colors are bright, solid, and gorgeous. A few stubborn bits of dirt trapped in some of the nooks and crannies - only noticeable if you're really looking closely.

➝ 4.5 inches wide
➝ 3.75 inches tall
➝ 3.25 inches deep

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