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Well hello there!

Nikki McIntosh of Wise Apple VintageHi, I'm Nikki, the brains and brawn behind Wise Apple Vintage!
Wise Apple is a celebration of all things old, storied, and previously loved. While you'll definitely find a wide range of eras and styles represented, I have a soft spot for all things mid century, colorful, and just plain fun. I truly believe that good vintage pieces can breathe new life into your home, giving you a space that is both inspiring and uniquely yours.
I began selling vintage treasures in 2008, when I basically just ran out of room to keep everything for myself! I run things out of my little home in Buffalo, New York, which I share with my husband and my incredibly fluffy cat. I have to pinch myself daily, as I can't believe how lucky I am to frequent thrift stores and flea markets, snap photos of colorful treasures, and interact with fellow vintage-lovers for a living! Viva la vintage!
If you have any questions or just want to say hi, drop me a line!
Well hello there! | Wise Apple Vintage ...