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SOLD - Vintage Colorful Mod Floral Teapot by Toscany Japan

Everyone loves a good cup of tea, but a hot cup of tea poured out of a colorful and cheerful vintage floral teapot is an extra-special treat! This beautiful teapot is part of the 'Toscany' collection by Rio of Japan and features a bright and beautiful retro mod flower design - daisies, tulips, clovers, and everything in between! Sure to bring a smile to your face whether you're brewing a fresh pot of tea or just admiring this vintage cutie on your shelf.

Bottom reads:
Fine China
(c) toscany

Condition: In fantastic condition! No chips, cracks, or crazing. Colors are bright, solid, and vivid. There is a teeny tiny pin-prick-sized hole in the ceramic on the pour spout, which appears to have occurred during manufacturing. It's not noticeable at all unless you're really looking for it, and I've tested the pot to make sure it doesn't leak at all when pouring, and it does not. You may not even notice the flaw, but I wanted to point it out just in case. Overall, a super cute and useful piece.

5.75 inches tall with lid
8 inches from handle to spout
4.75 inches in diameter

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