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Vintage Thirst Extinguisher Liquor Decanter

$ 48.00
This awesome vintage Thirst Extinguisher liquor decanter is so kitschy and fun! In the shape of a fire extinguisher, this decanter is as fabulous as it is functional! Inside of decanter is glass, outside is shiny chrome with a cork stopper, a faux-leather sleeve, and shiny silver lettering. As if that's not fantastic enough, this decanter is also a music box! When you lift it up, it plays 'How Dry I Am'! Follow those instructions and keep this handsome decanter available for emergencies!

Bottom marked:

➝ In fantastic condition. No chips, cracks, scratches, or repairs. Some extremely minor wear to the chrome finish, but for the most part, this handsome decanter looks almost brand new! Even the cork looks unused!

➝ 12 inches tall
➝ 3.5 inches in diameter

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